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Cash for cars Melbourne used, old & unwanted car removal, Do you want a Royal Treatment when you sell your car for cash? So, If your answer is ‘yes’ then it’s only a phone call away, Royal Car Removals is Melbourne’s Industry Leader in car removal and offer up to $19,999 in cash for cars. Leading the way in world class service. You can expect the best with Royal Car Removals. Because that’s exactly and what you will get!

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There Are Many Advantages Of Choosing Royal Car Removals

Royal Car Removals is about more than just top cash for cars offers. All our complimentary services are aimed at making the car selling process go as smoothly and conveniently for the car sellers as possible.

  • Top Cash For Cars
  • Free Car Removal Melbourne
  • Experienced Professionals
  • Free Paperwork
  • Instant Quotes
  • Flexible Scheduling
Cash For Cars Melbourne

How We Lead The Way In The Cash For Cars Industry

Being an industry leader takes a lot of work and a strong work ethic that puts you, cash cars Melbourne used old unwanted removal, the car sellers, first. We know high quality service is what you want when you sell your car and we work tirelessly to offer you that.

  • 1. We put car sellers first
    At the end of the day, your satisfaction when you sell your car to us is our priority. Whatever needs or inquiries you have regarding the sale, removal or disposal of your car we confidently do our best to fulfil or answer them.
  • 2. Reliable Being reliable means following through on what you say. And at Royal Car Removals we are famous for that. Our professionals are always on time and offer fast, efficient services.
  • 3. Lightning Fast ServiceBeing Melbourne’s top cash for cars business means we get the job done quickly and done right. We can complete everything in under an hour – so in less time than it takes to watch an episode of your favourite Netflix show, you’ll have top cash in hand and your car will be towed away! How sweet is that!
  • 4. HonestNo business can expect to sustain itself if it is dishonest. At Royal Car Removals, we give an honest service as well as accurate and fair car appraisals which means that you get the top cash for car offer that you deserve.
  • 5. Top Cash For Cars Rates In MelbourneWe believe car owners should get the cash for their car that they deserve. We offer up to $9,999 in cash for your car.
  • 6. Stress Free And Easy SchedulingScheduling car removal with us is as easy as a phone call: tell us when and where and we’ll be there!

How Can We Offer Such High Cash For Cars Rates? Because Finding The True Value of Cars Is Our Expertise

Three different car buyers may provide 3 different quotes for a car. We pride ourselves in our fair, honest and accurate car appraisals so that you know the cash offer we provide you is the best in Melbourne and the top offer that you deserve. But how do we give such high offers to car sellers in Melbourne? Because we know that there are many valuable parts in a car even if it is no longer drivable.

Just some of the valuable parts in a scrap car:

  • GPS System
  • Doors
  • Catalytic Converter
  • Battery
  • Engine
  • Air Conditioning
  • Airbags
  • Wheels, Rims and Tyres
  • Radio System
  • Fenders
  • Engine






A car’s precious metals and materials are valuable, so even if your car no longer works, you can be sure that Royal Car Removals will offer you a great price for it!

How Can I Get The Best Cash For My Car In Melbourne?

Selling or removing your car with us is easy. One phone call, one visit that’s generally under an hour and you’re all set with instant cash and a towed car!

  1. Call us
  2. Schedule your car removal
  3. Get paid in cash and watch your car get towed

For Melbourne’s leading car removal company, call us today at 0455300700

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